Mechanical Air Conditioners – Part II – Air Conditioner Parts

This article is an augmentation to “Mechanical Air Conditioners – Part I – Working Rule”, and I will discuss AC parts utilized in mechanical air conditioners.

Air conditioner parts that we put into a mechanical AC, ought to adjust to the working rule. Air molding parts for this sort of hardware are separated into three classes. The,

fundamental and obligatory parts. This class is required, any other way, a mechanical air conditioner won’t work by any means

the help parts, to guarantee that the air molding hardware keep going long, and capability really, and,

the control parts, for further developing proficiency of the gear, and keeping up with your solace and bills – at ideal level

Fundamental air conditioner parts

There are six sections in this class. We should investigate them individually,

The blower

Utilized for packing refrigerant into high tension gas into the condenser, and pulling in low strain gas from the evaporator. The high tension and low strain is made by the blower.

Normal blowers utilized are cylinder type, parchment, and rotating blowers

Condenser and evaporator

These are basic finned heat exchangers. These air conditioner parts, are framed utilizing a serpentine formed copper (or aluminum) tube, with aluminum blades.

Albeit the capabilities are unique, the working standard of these parts is something very similar. To empower heat trade between the refrigerant and air.

Condenser will work to melt high tension refrigerant. Evaporator will work to totally bubble low strain refrigerant, into low tension gas

Development gadget

Normal development gadgets are either fine cylinder, OR thermostatic extension valve. The capability is to permit pressure develop from the blower, and consider refrigerant to venture into low tension zone. This air molding part will likewise take into consideration bubbling to begin


Tubes are air conditioner parts that has no moving parts. The fundamental capability is to coordinate refrigerant stream, and hold refrigerant inside the air conditioner. Normal cylinder material is either copper, or aluminum


Air conditioners wouldn’t have the option to cool, or intensity anything without a refrigerant. Along these lines, this part is fundamental. Refrigerant is utilized for engrossing (at evaporator), and ousting (at condenser) heat.

Normal refrigerant sort utilized in mechanical ACs are the HCFC (hydro-chloro-fluoro-carbon), and HFC (hydro-fluoro-carbon)

Fans and blowers

Fans are set at the condenser, and blowers are put at the evaporator – to help heat trade. Blowers will likewise give better air course inside your home – and these stock with cool air to you, from the evaporator

Support air molding parts

These are conditioner parts give the assurance to the primary parts, with the end goal that those will keep going long, and work dependably. The rundown,

Channel dryer beneficiary

Capabilities to channel little particles from the blower, eliminate dampness inside the refrigerant, and at times, goes about as a beneficiary to supply full fluid section (without rises) to the development valve.

It is put before the development valve, and after the blower