The Usage of Container Mobile Houses

Container Mobile Houses

After the traditional containers used for shipping were eliminated, people renovated and reused the abandoned containers, so container houses were created. Because this kind of container house is strong and durable, convenient, and especially suitable for temporary or emergency use, there are now specially processed container houses for accommodation or office use. What we call container mobile houses now refers to container-sized mobile homes that can be disassembled and assembled easily. They are made of steel and composite panels as the main materials and are equipped with windows and doors.

Container mobile houses have begun to be widely used due to their convenience in transportation, installation, and movement, as well as their low cost. The service life of container mobile houses can generally reach more than ten years, and the return on investment is relatively high.

  • Emergency rooms: When disasters such as earthquakes, mudslides, and plagues occur, they can be used as emergency relief command centers and temporary rooms to house victims. It can also be used as a military mobile command center, emergency command center, shelter emergency hospital, etc.
  • Temporary housing at construction sites: For construction sites with a long construction period, temporary office areas and accommodation for construction workers, canteens, warehouses, etc. are generally provided. Container mobile houses are a very suitable choice. Container houses can not only be used alone, but can also be combined horizontally or vertically. Due to site restrictions, only box-type modular house products can be installed at the construction site.
  • Field operation rooms: mobile office rooms and dormitories that can be used for field exploration and construction.
  • Usage of public places: public toilets, street kiosks, coffee houses, community guard booths, security rooms, ticket booths, scenic toilets, fixed or temporary street stalls, etc. The use of container mobile homes provides office or resting places for some long-term outdoor activities. They are convenient and durable and are widely praised.
  • Factory office or rest area: Installing a small container room in a large factory building can be used as an office area, rest area or toilet, as well as a storage room for special equipment or products, etc. It is simple and convenient.
  • Family storage room: If your home has a yard and a large space, a container mobile room can be equipped as a family storage room.


Container mobile houses have a wide range of uses, because they can not only be used for temporary or emergency purposes, but can also be used for long-term purposes in places with low requirements, which is economical and practical. With the economic development of various countries, container houses will be used in more and more places.